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Wondrous toilet To Save Water For The Earth

Issuing time:2019-01-01 00:00

The characteristics of the closestool: 1280 degrees high temperature all-ceramic, high-clean glazed, white and flat, easy to clean and rinse. Siphonic flushing system, increase the glazed sewage discharge caliber, effectively prevent blockage! (With the introduction of the benefits of the siphon flushing system, low noise, deodorant, can absorb the sticky objects on the inner wall of the toilet), the company's water and cover, WONDROUS company customized water parts for the toilet, cover Slow down, quiet and comfortable

Outlet toilet, drainage function is straight flushing, sewage drain is 4 inches, drainage is smooth, anti-clogging is the best product for export.

The flushing performance is better, the internal pipe diameter is larger than the general toilet, the general domestic standard is 41mm, and the WONDROUS is greater than 48mm. And in terms of design, WONDROUS uses a double S siphon pipe diameter design to enhance the flushing effect.

There is water saving, the general toilet is equipped with 6 liters of water, and WONDROUS can be washed once with only 4 liters of water. That is to say, the WONDROUS toilet can save 2 liters of water at a time, so that one year can help a family save 10,000 kilograms of water.

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