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Analysis of the characteristics of the wash basin

Issuing time:2019-01-10 00:00

The countertop is suitable for almost any countertop material, including wood and laminate, because the slit is completely covered by the edge of the wash basin so there is no risk of damage by water. They are also less expensive to install because they do not require laborious polishing of the cutting edges like the undercounter.

Wall-mounted wash basins, if the drains in your bathroom must pass through

the floor and cannot be changed, so the column wash basin is your best


The pedestal basin has a small footprint and the base is located between the wash basin and the floor. It can hide any pipes in the bathroom and is especially suitable for the decoration of small space bathrooms.

1, All-match

The wash basin is a lot of wash basins for home decoration. Its design is simple and atmospheric, and it can set off all kinds of decoration styles.

2, simple maintenance

The wash basin is not only cheap in price, but also not easy to hide dirt during daily use, especially good care.

3, more modeling

Rich in shape, choice of opportunities, not only simple round, square, diamond, triangle. Irregularly shaped wash basins are also everywhere.

4, rich in color

With the development of production, today's wash basins are no longer pure white, from the development of ceramic technology and the prevalence of painting, the color-rich art ceramic wash basin is very popular.

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