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Three water baths are very convenient and comfortable

Issuing time:2019-01-21 10:51

Advantage one: saving water and energy. The national standard GBJ15-88 stipulates that the flow rate of the shower is 9 liters/minute, while the flow on the market has a flow rate of more than 20 liters. Turning on the shower faucet, the water lost is the renminbi. Buy a ceiling shower and save a few hundred dollars a year. What's more, the low-carbon family is now popular

and the country promotes energy conservation and emission reduction.

Advantage 2: Easy maintenance, anti-fouling and no blockage. The shower  hot water will generate scale inside the shower, so if the shower of poor quality is used for a period of time, it will be blocked or the water will be poor, and it needs to be cleaned. The ceiling shower is non-fouling and

maintenance free.

Advantage 3: High comfort. The water pressure and the amount of water in the shower water have a great influence on the comfort of the shower. The ceiling shower has a variety of water outlets, and the design is user-friendly. It can adjust the aerobic, rain, surge, and rapid flow modes to improve the comfort of the bath and the fun of bathing.

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